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These are responses to the question “should I go with a WISP in my area or stay with Satellite”

(For your information; SmarterBroadband is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider))


Go with it! wisps are more reliable than Satellite as you've probably ascertained from reading other posts in this forum. Don't forget the lower ping rates that you'll get with wisp over Satellite. As mentioned before, Satellite is suitable as the only alternative to dialup. If something else is available , like a wisp, go with the wisp.


Makes me wish someone would provide here.. id pay 100$ a month just for 256/64 or somewhere around there for good download speeds and ping .. anyways good job on being lucky enough it’ll happen to me one day....... maybe......


If I could see any wisp I'd go with it. Unless they close up, even on a bad day they beat the satellite 2 to 1. Let us know how you do.

I would take the wisp and not look back....


If you can get a wisp connection , go for it.


I gave my SRS and my DRS away for free and included the installation also for free just to get rid it.
Topic ... go with something other then satellite.


Can't help you out with that isp, but I made the switch this week to wireless. It's like night and day.


I'd switch in a heart beat, but good luck and/or enjoy whatever you do, take the wisp.


There's no doubt that wisp is a better option if available and I would do it in a second if available. The only thing I can say is to make sure and have a site survey before the install to check your line of sight with the tower and quality of reception. Hills and valleys play a big role in wisp.


If you are lucky enough to get a wisp in your area that is the route I would go.


If you go satellite you will regret it.


I pray for the day a wisp sets up shop in my area so I can dump DW !! You already have REAL broadband.....keep it !!!


You must be a real glutton for punishment, hanging onto satellite. I only wish I had a choice. Howie


Re: [General] WISP vs. Direcway? Opinions, please...
As a former Direway hostage.. er, uh subscriber... I say:
wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp wisp
PS: wisp!


I would really take the time to see if there is a wisp in your area...I did check before subscribing to Earthlink Powered by Direcway service whether there were any wisp services in my area, and at the time, almost six months ago, there were two, one that operated basically in a two mile radius (with a bunch of POPs) around one of the closest towns to me...and they told me that they wouldn't expect to expand into my area until late 2004 at the earliest.


I left Direcway on Dec. 12 for a tiny Wireless ISP who put up a tower on the mountain overlooking my house. I have never looked back. For a few dollars a month more I get the advertised one meg up and down, but a lot of the time I will get a lot better. Oh, did I mention, no FAP. Downloading 600 or 700MB files is not a problem. I can download all my game demos now and host a game server if I like. I had really liked Direcway during the Beta testing, but as soon as it went gold, performance went back in the toilet. It is certainly better than a modem most of the time, but wireless is your next best hope if you have line of site to a tower, and they are going up all the time.


Believe me, when I was on his computer, there’s a substantial difference between his wisp and 56k, and direcway. It seemed like I was on T-1 or T-3, pages didn’t even load, its like they instantly popped up.


Adios Direcway! On to WISP! :)
As I've alluded to in quite a few recent posts...Adios DEADWAY!
Well, after several weeks of intermittent connections, and crappy solutions offered by both Earthlink and DEADWAY; I've decided to move on earlier than expected to wisp and cancel my Earthlink powered by DEADWAY account.
Enjoy the added bandwidth on G4R/970.
Things I won't miss about DEADWAY...
1) Unstable and unreliable Internet connection (due to Solar Outages, Bad Weather, and dumb butts at the NOC tripping on cords)
2) Slow upload speeds
3) Crappy unstable proxy server
4) Slow Ping Rates
5) Crappy Tech Support (now can say both Earthlink and Deadway SUCK!)
6) Climbing up on ladder to brush snow off Dish
7) FAP


I saw your stuff listed in the For Sale thread so I figured you were moving on to the 'real' thing. Thanks for all the time you spent here helping out others.


Don't forget to retweak and remove those tweaks that helped dway but probably are hurting your wisp conn.
Great point! I am in the process of uninstalling all the DW crap from my computer, and will uninstall the DrTCP and the upload tweak settings soon. Thanks for the reminder!


Enjoy the wisp.
Fat chance of getting anything else out here, I've searched and searched nothing, but possibly a T1 even this is out of my reach.


Re: Satellite or WISP
If you are lucky enough to get a wisp in your area that is the route I would go.
IF you are a gamer DW is not the way to go. High ping rates with DW will not let you play too many games. With a wisp you will have lower ping rates and you should be able to play games.
DW also has the FAP. It's my understanding the FAP on wisp is much higher than DW.
I would have to say that the people that have Sat. Like myself is because we cannot get nothing else.
Others will chime in. Just my two cents.


I now have wireless internet in my area and it was installed yesterday. I wanted to say thanks for all the help I have gotten on here. Most of the time I just read the posts and got the info I needed. Everyone has been so helpful.
The wireless is so much faster than the Direcway.
Thanks again


welcome aboard to the wisp world...see ya over in the wisp user chat forum....although as you've probably already figured out, there aren't many problems with wisp, thus, the wisp user chat forum is pretty inactive, since the technology is pretty reliable.
Make sure that you uninstall all the DW crap from your computer(s), all the tweaks and other crap.


Including all the reasons already listed, with DWAY, you'll be doing silly things like:
* rebooting your host machine to see if that clears up 'The latest problem'
* ensuring your installer grounded your dish because of 'The latest problem'
* running speed tweaks to ensure that's not the cause of 'The latest problem'
* switching on/off proxy to work-around 'The latest problem'
Did I mention there seem to be a lot of transient problems with satellite?
Read some of the recent posts and you'll get a feel for issues that crop up. Earlier in the week, I had issues with my setup. Spotty surfing where pages didn't come up or partially come up....
All in all, if you have no choice and you want broadband, satellite is the way to go. I've had a wisp and would love to get it back ...


Stay with wisp...speaking of I have a site survey scheduled, so we shall see.