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DM – Lost Lake Rd.

Thanks to you all at SmarterBroadband for your quick response to our internet connectivity and email problem. Adam, head of the company, called me back himself in response to my call for help (who ever heard of that these days!!??) and sent someone out first thing this morning to take care of it. The representative's name was Rob, and he wasted no time diagnosing the problem, setting up a huge ladder, climbing up about 40', replacing the entire cable to the house with a newer, state-of-the-art product, climbing on the roof, reconnecting to the interior, replacing a cable box inside, and probably other things I don't know about. Turned out the 6-year-old cable had water in it! He tested the system, and now it works better than ever. He was personable, knowledgeable, fast, and entirely competent. He's a keeper on your crew, Adam, and the rest of your staff were most helpful and friendly. Thanks to you all---you're all keepers as far as we're concerned! LG and DM



MW – Waterfall Lane.

Hello SmarterBroadband folks. It is Saturday, late afternoon and the wind is blowing like crazy and has been for hours now. So far my connections have remained awesome, not even a blink, and is so fast I can hardly believe it.  I must say that I have for years bragged about you guys, but now I feel like I should take out an ad in the paper to do so!  You guys are the greatest.  Thank you so much!



DR – Lowhills Rd.

The upgrade is extraordinary - thanks! Living in a rural area I was accustomed to poor performance, but my SmarterBroadband plan gives me ridiculously fast "suburban" speeds and opens up a new world of opportunities. I tried other providers, but it didn't work out. Nobody offers the kind of sustained performance and consistent reliability that I get with SmarterBroadband. Plus, when you earn your living on the internet, it's reassuring to be dealing with professionals."



DW – Meadow View Drive.

“Happy Friday and thank you for the wonderful service”



DS – Logans Run Ct.

I would like to express my SINCERER  APPRECIATION for the HELP that KATHY did for us! SMARTERBROADBAND is VERY FORTUNATE to have KATHY as an OUTSTANDING employee. Thank You, ---------We do hope someone reads this.



JG – South Ponderosa Way.


A great big thank you to Robin who was very professional and great customer relations.



LH - Tim Burr Lane.

The install went really well and I am now free of the Wild Blue satellite. What a change! Browsing the web is MUCH faster.


CB - Dalmatian Drive.

By the way, your installer and tree climber are THE BEST!!!!!!!


JA - Scotts Flat Rd.

If you are tired of dial and have given up on DSL ever coming to your neighborhood don’t despair, call Smarter Broadband.  I live near Scotts Flat lake in a forest and was using Satellite DSL and while it was better than dial up in most cases it was far from a satisfactory experience.  Fortunately for me my neighbor called Smarter Broadband.  As it ended up, they found they could get a great connection to Banner Mountain and much to my surprise they mounted the antenna high in one of my trees so I could have done it all along.  Well the bottom line is both my neighbor and I have wireless DSL service and we are very happy.  I am retired from the IT field and have had extensive experience with internet connections and I was very pleasantly surprised with the speed of the wireless DSL. 

I strongly encourage you to give these guys a try!


MW - Tom Ray Dr.

My family is so happy with our high speed connection. I used to get so frustrated waiting for anything with our dial up connection. If I tryed to open email or send a proposal to my clients, I was stuck for hours waiting to send or receive anything. When I would open an email, it just clogged up the computer and could not go any daughter is now able to access her Internet locker from home and do her homework. So, we are so happy with your company.  Your installation guys were great and easy to work with. Very professional!!
Thank you so much for making this possible at a very good rate. I am sharing the news with anyone frustrated with having dial up for the only option. CONGRATULATIONS!!


JK - Dalmatian Dr.

Well, one week with your service and I'm loving it!! Thank you Adam, Dave, Suzanne and everyone else over there. I am SO pleased!!


LM - Garden Bar Rd.

I am very pleased with the service I have received to date.


PM - Rollins Park Rd.

I just wanted to drop you a note and say "thanks"!

I have had the service for just a few days but what a difference it makes! It is night and day from satellite service especially since I use VPN.

Matt and Ted did a great job with the setup.


LD - Lime Kiln Rd.

Timing out, disconnects, pathetic streaming video and frustrating hour long 5 MB downloads were simply a fact of life here until SmarterBroadband. The connection, is by itself a reason to shout for joy but coupled with the hands on "excellence" of service provided by Adam and Matt all other contenders are put to shame.

Thank you so very much for a superfast and perfect cyber-year.


DD - Logans Run Ct.

Let me say how pleased I was with the installation and "speed". Matt did a great job!!!
If I can drum up enough business maybe I can pay for my installation. I will try as I think the system is terrific.


SG - Rainbow Ridge Road

I love SmarterBroadband.


AB - N. Bloomfield Rd.

I should mention that I am absolutely thrilled with your service. It is a real kick to be able to get fast connect speeds! Thanks so much.


EG - Friar Tuck Road.

We are thrilled with the broadband speeds.


DP - Bixler Place.


I just wanted to let you know officially, that I am very happy with my new internet service!

I worked for IBM and Pacific Bell / SBC / ATT for many years prior to retiring in 1987. I even worked as a consultant at Bell Labs in New Jersey for 6 months while I was with Pacific Bell. The reason I am telling you this is so you know I have been using very high speed networks for years. After retirement I was on various internet networks from dial-up at 28.8 to business DSL. During my retirement in the Sacramento area I was able to get DSL service and was pretty happy with it.

When I moved to my property in Grass Valley I was very unhappy with the internet access available to me. The best I could get from dial-up was 14.4 to 28.8 if the gods were being nice to me. I therefore went to the only other option available to me at the time. I purchased a Starband satellite system and had it installed on 9/11/2001. That day is very memorable to me not because I got better internet access and TV then but because the first thing I saw, literally, on my new TV service was an airliner flying into the World Trade Center!

Finally SmarterBroadband came to my neighborhood! I had heard about you from other folks in the area but found out you didn't service my area yet. Being a persistent type and very unhappy with Starband I kept checking and when I found out you had installed equipment at Sherwood Forest I jumped at the chance to switch.

I can absolutely say that your internet service is far better than satellite internet and is even better than most if not all of the DSL that I have had. It is comparable to DSL if you are very close to the central office but if you are any distance away it is much better than DSL.

My wife is especially happy since she visits a lot of quilting sites and likes to look at photos of fabrics etc. With the Starband service she had to reload the pages several times to get all of the images and sometimes even that didn't work! With SmarterBroadband they just pop right up like you expect them to! Having a happy wife makes for a happy household!

The installation was timely and painless and it works nicely with my in home networking! What more could I ask for? The only way to improve on the service that I can see is for it to be free! I don't think that is very realistic though. Do you?

Thanks for the fine service!


RM - Harvey Road.

Hi Adam, Smarter Broadband is continuing to be our internet answer.  Thank you.


RW - Sugar Loaf Road.

BTW, we are really enjoying the faster internet speeds your service provides.


MW - Heather Lane.

Read MW's 'First Person Product Report' on the Broadband of Brothers blog. Read Review Here.


RF - Beyers Lane.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great service and FANTASTIC, FAST broadband!  Smarter Broadband is the best thing to happen for us folks out in the sticks.  I am thrilled and have been sharing this info with all my friends. Many thanks,


D&B F - Iron Mountain.

Just to let you know we’re loving the new increased speeds – we thought we’d already died and gone to heaven with SmarterBroadband, but this is even better!  Thanks so much for the great service.


VC - Perimeter Road.

Thanks for the increase in speed.  Being part of SBB has decreased my stress levels and made me feel part of the 21st century.  The installation was painless and the level of service has been more than expected.


SW - Perimeter Road.

I've never had better service from an internet service provider.  It beats satellite by a country mile!.


DR - Lime Kiln .

Thanks! Your installation and service were great - & so very reasonably priced. I have never been up and operating so fast and easily. Please list me as a referral if I can be of help.


TC - Pekolee Dr.

Just a note to say thank you for a great product and superior service.  After relocating to Nevada County I was lost without my cable connection.  "SmarterBroadband" came to the rescue.  I live on Pekolee Drive which is south of Alta Sierra and can report that I have had NO service interruptions or issues even through the worst of our late season storms.  I am looking forward to the just announced doubling of speeds with no increase in cost.  Thanks again.



PS - Iron Mountain Drive.

When I relocated from Southern California to Grass Valley I was very concerned about being able to work from this new location as my job was dependant on being able to upload and download large graphic files.  Smarter Broadband's Power User plan has exceeded all my expectations and made it completely seamless in my transition from downtown office to home office.  The dependability of the service, download/upload speeds as well as their customer service is exemplary.


DW - Lower McCourtney Road Area.

We have been in a real quandary with our satellite service primarily because of the slow speed of the uplink.  My wife and I both run businesses out of our home where we need access to large data bases and transference of large files.  SmarterBroadband came in and tailored a solution that more than meets our needs.  Adam spent the time necessary to work out the bugs normally experienced with any start up and we're very pleased with both the performance and the service.  The best thing I can say is that now we don't even think about the high speed internet connection's seamless and we can concentrate on our businesses.


TS - Lower McCourtney Road Area

I am a recent Smarter Broadband user and the following is the mental process I used to decide on this service:
I have two telephone lines with a fax machine and two home computers.

My reasons to use Smarter broadband:

The internet is always on, no sign-in delay:
Now I can use the internet instantly.
Speed is important, much faster than Dial-up service.
Both computers can use the internet at the same time: this is valuable.
Three new E-Mail addresses
No slow internet problems, like at night and weekends:
I use to delay using the computer during these times, due to the slow response time.
No Telephone line is required for the Broadband:
Now my second telephone line is always available for normal use and fax.
No busy signals due to internet use. I cancelled my current dial-up internet service.
E-Mails are downloaded to my computer every 15 minutes, automatically:
No need to sign-in and that long E-mail process.
Wi-Fi (wireless) service: now I or my quests can use notebook computers anywhere in my home.

After reviewing the above notes, it was a quick decision, I called Adam and ordered his Smarter Broadband service.