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Members email FAQ

Which e-mail program can be used?

To read and write e-mail you may use virtually any mail client program, such as
Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger or Eudora Light.

You can also use the 1&1 WebMail system webmail.1and1.com

What are the e-mail limits?

A single e-mail, must not be larger than 10 MB

What does POP3 mean?

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol-version 3 and is a server that stores your
e-mail. When an e-mail is sent to you, it is stored on a server (called the POP3
server) until it is downloaded via your e-mail client (Outlook, Netscape mail, etc.).

What information is required to set up e-mail clients for POP3?

To configure an e-mail client, like Outlook for POP3 protocol, you will need the
following information:

Server Type: POP3
Incoming Server: pop.1and1.com
Outgoing Server: smtp.1and1.com

Account name/Username: Mailbox number (mxxxxxxxx-y)
Password: Your E-mail Password

Note: Outgoing server needs to be authenticated with username and password.

What is Spam Filtering?

SmarterBroadband will setup your level of Spam filtering. Unless advised otherwise we will set a level of middle.

You can choose between three levels of protection: low, middle, high or disable the

When you receive an e-mail, according to the level of filtering you choose, it is
categorized as SPAM. The e-mail is then marked by adding "SPAM" to the subject line.

You can then define filter rules in your local e-mail client to sort the emails into
corresponding folders right away.

Brief explanation on how the Spam Filter works: The Spam Filter checks the mail
header for things like, forged outlook clients, date in future, the $ sign in the
subject line etc. Depending on the content, values are assigned.
For example: The $ sign is a strong indicator for spam so this values to 1 point.
The more spam issues the mail shows, the more points it gets.

What is a Virus Protection Module?

Unless advised otherwise SmarterBroadband will setup Virus Protection.

A Virus Protection module scans your e-mails before they reach your inbox. Known
viruses are filtered out known viruses and infected files are cleaned. E-mail
attachments are scanned for viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Script-based
components, such as Java and ActiveX are also scanned for known pests.

1&1 uses Symantec CarrierScan Servers in our Data Centers, so new virus
definition files and remedies are available to us within few hours via Symantec's

What is 1&1 WebMail?

In addition to your local e-mail program, 1&1 enables you to read and send
e-mails using any web browser. You can access your e-mail account from any
internet connected computer. 1&1 WebMail provides the full functionality
of an e-mail program.

How to access 1&1 WebMail?

1&1 WebMail can be accessed two ways:

1. Access WebMail via www.SmarterBroadband.com Members Home Page.

2. Access WebMail directly at webmail.1and1.com

In both cases you will need to log in to the 1and1 WebMail system.
Webmail 1

Use your e-mail address and mailbox password

For example:

Username: yourname@sbbmail.com
Password: mailpwd

What is the maximum file size of an e-mail in WebMail?

The maximum size of an e-mail you can send using 1&1 WebMail is 1 MB.

What is the largest attachment that can be received using 1&1 WebMail?

1&1 WebMail is able to receive attachments, however they must be 1 MB or
smaller in size. If you have an e-mail with an attachment that is larger then
1 MB, we recommend that you use an e-mail client such as Outlook Express. This
will enable you to receive large attachments with your e-mail.

How do I change the password for an e-mail account using 1&1 WebMail?

Log into your 1&1 WebMail.

Click on "Change Password".
Webmail 9

Enter your current password and then the new password. Click "Save".
Please make sure the password is between 6-18 characters long.
Webmail 10