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Webmail Support

Using SmarterBroadband's 1&1 WebMail

WebMail is SmarterBroadband's 1&1 Internet-based mail system, which you can use to read and write e-mail from anywhere and makes a local mail program redundant. If you access you e-mail account via WebMail, you keep your e-mail messages on the mail server.

SmarterBroadband's 1&1 WebMail communication is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Only an e-mail address set up as a mailbox can be accessed through WebMail.

WebMail is especially useful when you are traveling. With this tool, you can access your e-mail from anywhere on the Internet.

Accessing WebMail

Call up WebMail under https://webmail.1and1.com.

 Log on using your e-mail address and its mailbox password. This opens the mailbox that belongs to that e-mail address.

Check Your E-mail Inbox

In the left navigation bar or on the WebMail Overview page, choose 'E-mail Inbox' and Select the e-mail you would like to read, answer, or delete.

You cannot view or modify e-mail in WebMail which you have previously downloaded with a local mail program.

Write and Send an E-mail

In the left navigation bar or on the WebMail Overview page choose 'Write E-mail' .

1. Enter the address of the person you wish to send the mail to in the "To" field.

2. Enter additional addresses in the optional "CC" and/or the "BCC" fields.

3. Enter the subject of the message in the "Subject" field.

4. Enter the message in the text area named "Body Text".

5. Attach files using "Attach Document to E-mail".

6. Check that the required fields are filled in.

7. Send your e-mail.

When attaching files, remember that outgoing e-mail messages may not exceed 5 MB.

SmarterBroadband’s 1&1 WebMail can only receive e-mail messages with attachments of 1 MB or smaller in size. If you would like to receive e-mail with larger attachments, we recommend you use an e-mail client, such as Microsoft ® Outlook Express ® .

Send an E-mail to Multiple Addresses

To send e-mail to multiple addresses simultaneously type the addresses in the "To" field.

Make sure to separate them with a comma or a semicolon (it does not matter whether you leave a blank space or not).

For example, To: support@domain-of-your-choice.com, info@domain-of-your-choice.com.

E-mail Signature in WebMail

To set up or change a signature, in the left navigation bar on the WebMail Overview page choose 'Change Signature' . Insert your signature in the text field.

WebMail Address Book

To manage the address book in WebMail select 'Manage Address Book' from the left navigation bar on the WebMail Overview page. In the "New Contact" window enter the person's name and in the "E-mail Address" field enter the e-mail address. Repeat the process for each address you would like to add.

It is not possible to import the addresses from local mail programs into WebMail.

Addresses you would like to include have to be added manually.

Leave WebMail

For security reasons, always click on 'Log out' to exit your WebMail session.